Stakeholders & City Officials Contact Information to Engage in Conversation:

For written correspondence, please reference the application you are responding to i.e. 

Residence Response to Macadam Ridge Development Case File #: LU 16-213734 LDS EN M EV; PC # 15-242358

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)
DEQ can confirm asbestos abatement during or prior to demolitions. Also call DEQ if the area is not kept wet to keep dust down.
(503) 229-5982 

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) 
OHA can confirm lead-based paint abatement prior to or during demolitions. Also call OHA if the area is not kept wet to keep dust down.
(971) 673-0440

Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
OSHA is responsible for worker safety at the demolition site. Also call OSHA if workers aren't wearing proper protective gear or are endangering themselves or others. Request a Stop Work Order.
(503) 229-5910

Bureau of Development Services (BDS)
BDS can stop work if you have not received the required 5-day notification. Also call BDS if there is no protective fencing.
(503) 823-7300

Construction Contractors Board (CCB)
CCB is responsible for contractor training on responsible protection and safety of people and the work site.
(503) 934-2229