A sample letter to help you start your own. 

Sample Letter #1:

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City Council
City of Portland
1221 SW Fourth Ave, Room 140
Portland, OR 97204

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: Land Use Review for Macadam Ridge

Case File: LU 16-213734 LDS EN M EV,

My family and I live on Ruby Terrace, and we will be affected by the proposed Macadam Ridge development.  From my resident’s point of view, I believe this project should not be permitted to go forward.  I have the following reasons:

  1. Earthquake/Landslide Danger. I understand that the probability of a major earthquake and its effects are hard to quantify, but it is obvious to those of us, who know the land east of our neighborhood and along SW Taylors Ferry Rd., that it is steep and already classified as a landslide risk.  The developer’s plans, in their current version, include even fewer measures to de-water and stabilize the hillside than previous versions.  Plus, removing a large number of trees and adding weight to the area will further reduce resistance to landslide, with or without earthquake.
  2. Ecological Destruction. The area where the development is proposed is densely wooded and provides habitat to a variety of wildlife. We and our neighbors are very well aware of the deer and coyotes that live in the area, as well as the lesser creatures and birds.  We are surprised that there might be infringement on the Conservation and Protection Zones that have been in place in the area for some time.
  3. Traffic Effects – Taylors Ferry: Everyone knows that SW Taylors Ferry Rd., along the south side of the proposed development, is dangerous. It has no shoulders for almost its entire length. It should never be traveled by pedestrians or by bicyclists going up the hill.  Traffic is very heavy morning and evening, and some other times of day.  Turning in or out of the proposed development will be dangerous and difficult.
  4. Traffic Effects – Ruby Terrace neighborhood: The proposal calls for a vehicular connection between the new development and SW Ruby Terrace, via a short and narrow section of SW Hume St. (with big trees that would have to be cut down). This will inevitably lead to residents of the new development, and also commuters on Taylors Ferry, cutting through to Ruby Terrace to bypass the failed intersection at Taylors Ferry and Terwilliger.  Ruby Terrace, a cul-de-sac, is narrow, in poor condition, and has no sidewalks.  Neighborhood residents and our children walk and play in the Ruby Terrace street.  Commuters cutting through the neighborhood are always in a hurry and drive too fast for safety.  We see that already when commuters cut through SW 4th St. to SW 5th and SW Troy to SW Terwilliger.

We urge you, for these reasons and to conform to City of Portland’s codes, not to approve the proposed Macadam Ridge development.



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