The South Burlingame Neighborhood Association is currently appealing an approved sub-division called Macadam Ridge by applicant, Riverview Abbey Mausoleum. Below is footage of the tree canopy and wildlife habitat that would be lost to clear-cutting for the development. The land resides in an ancient landslide and poses a great risk to future homeowners safety and investment. In addition, most of the property has an Environmental Overlay Zone that protects creeks and wildlife habitat that would be compromised or lost should the development proceed.


CITY COUNCIL HEARING date set to appeal macadam ridge

Date:       Wed, Feb 7th @ 2pm

Location: Council Chambers, 1221 SW Fourth Ave, Portland, OR

File Number:  LU-16-213734 LDS EN M EV (reference in all communication!)

We are seeking your comments on this proposal. The hearing will be held before the City Council. To comment, you may write a letter in advance, or testify at the hearing (3 minutes each). In your comments, you may address these issues as they pertain to the approval criteria on record:

  • Environmental Review (approval criteria 33.430.250A)

SBNA appeals decision that the proposal has the least significant detrimental impacts and that significant functional values have been compensated.

  • Mitigation & Remediation Plan (approval criteria 33.430.240B)

SBNA appeals the decision that the applicant met their burden of proof to show that the mitigation will compensate for unavoidable impacts.

  • Environmental Modifications (approval criteria 33.430.280)

SBNA appeals the decision to allow the 5' setback modifications of Lots 3-8 in an R10 zone. The applicant failed to show how this reduction added greater protection.

  • Tree Preservation (approval criteria 33.630.200)

Applicant failed to demonstrate tree preservation maximized to the extent practicable.

  • Landslide Hazard (approval criteria 33.632.100)

SBNA  disagrees that site is suitable for development in a manner that reasonably limits risk of landslides affecting the site and adjacent sites putting life and property in great danger.

  • Transportation Impact (approval criteria 33.641.020/030)

SBNA is appealing based on evaluation factors of a) availability of transit service and facilities and connections to transit; b) impacts on the immediate and adjacent neighborhoods; and c) safety for all modes of transportation.

  • Procedural Error (Due Process Rights)

SBNA feels it was granted insufficient  time to address new evidence submitted by the applicant into the record

Written comments must be received by the time of the hearing and should include the file number, name and address of submitter. It must be given to the Council Clerk, in person or mailed to:

1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Room 140, Portland, OR  97204

Email testimony can be directed to the Council Clerk at

Please note City Council members are unable to accept communication directly regarding this matter due to "ex parte", the preferred point of contact is the Council Clerk who will ensure each member receives the same materials without bias. Any electronic mail on the matter must be received no less than one hour prior to the time and date of the scheduled public hearing. The Council Clerk will ensure that all City Council members receive copies of your communication.



City of Portland's Land Use Hearing's Officer has approved a development called "Macadam Ridge" proposed by Riverview Abbey Mausoleum against the recommendation of DENIAL by 5 of the 6 reviewing City bureaus.

The bureaus who did not approve the application as complete or compliant are:

  • Bureau of Development Services (BDS)

  • Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

  • City of Portland Environmental Services

  • City of Portland Fire Prevention Services

  • Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry

The Proposed Egregious Development

This development would add 21 new single dwelling lots within the South Burlingame Neighborhood north of Taylors Ferry Road between Macadam and Terwilliger. This is the largest undeveloped single family residential parcel within the city limits with Environmental Overlay Zones which were established to protect our city’s natural resources; such as contiguous habitat, urban forest, water quality and much more. If this application is successful, these citywide Overlay Zones safeguarding our environment are now at risk of being overrun by greedy developers!

If approved, the development will have major, local environmental impact by destroying over 500 mature trees, clear cutting all of the land and grading moderate to steep sloped, sensitive environmental lands. It will compromise the watershed, which is one of the last open channel creeks in the city used by endangered Salmon and Trout.

If the impact to the environment isn’t enough, the proposed development is on a known historic very high risk hazard landslide zone mapped by the State. This is a HUGE safety concern affecting the properties of the current residents above the landslide and the future families buying these homes. A foremost Geotechnical expert has deemed this parcel of land as dangerous to build on.

Why Should You Care?

The impact is significant to this environmentally sensitive land and will dramatically change our landscape throughout the City of Portland by setting a precedent allowing developers to destroy other designated Environmental Zones to develop in sensitive areas. This is not a solution to our city’s housing shortage, but a way for developers to rape our environmentally sensitive land to build a small amount of expensive homes.

We Need Your Help! 

An appeal has been filed by the South Burlingame Neighborhood Association (SBNA), and the case will be going before City Council February 7th. We have secured an attorney and experts to represent our collective voice and time is of the essence - we need your help to fund this effort. We expect costs to be:

                         Environmental/Land Use Attorney: $10,000 and up
                         Water Resource Engineer: $8,000
                         Misc Marketing Materials: $2,000

We have had an active and engaged volunteer base of over 50 people fighting this egregious development for the last 4 years and this is the last and defining moment. We are asking those who are interested in joining us with their passion, expertise and connections to sympathetic organizations reach out to us at with questions, concerns, offers to help. We ask that Portland unite to protect our city's values ensuring our wildlife, green space, rivers and land is here for generations to enjoy. Please join us in support and show up for the city we all love.